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Well then. I just found out some interesting news.

Mayorial elections are coming up for Millwood, where I live. The old mayor, Jean Batson, who's been mayor for something line 2,000 years, isn't running again and so the race is between two men. One is named Dan Mork. The other is Robert Mankin. Some of you may recognize the name from former posts of mine and/or Mikel's. This is the guy who lives next door to Susan who has butted heads with Bait on many occasions and Mikel on some as well. The guy is a blatant racist and now he wants to be the mayor of our little town here. What joy that would be.

Luckily, the Morks are a well established and very popular family here. Dan has been on the city council for something like 16 years. Mankin probably hasn't got a chance in hell of winning. I know that I'm making sure everyone I know votes in this election. Him as mayor could be a real pain in the ass and I would imagine he'd do everything he could to give Bait, at the very least, as much trouble as he could.

Some people just don't need to be in politics. Sadly, too many of these people are.

Good vibes accepted. Curses against Mankin really welcome. Donations too, but I don't expect that to work. I just had to sneak that in there!

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