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Since I've finished all I need to do and now I'm just sitting here worrying about Mikel, Madison ensconced firmly on my lap with Becky's iPod and headphones, I figured I might as well make a bit of a post, if only to show off the cool icon of the Denny adults that Becky made me. Neat, huh? She's cool to do it.

Not much going on here at the moment, although Madison got to see a bunny through the window earlier. It was out eating our grass. I was busy doing the dishes, so missed it. I'm sure it will be back, though. It was out there yesterday too, apparently.

I guess I really don't have anything of substance to say. I'm rambling. Maybe I'll play around with PSP or something. I don't know. I'm trying to distract my mind and it's not working very well. Sorry for inflicting you all with a nothing post.

Oh, Jim, before I sign off, I must mention that your corruption runs deep. The music Madison is listening to on the iPod? :Wumpscut: Embryodead. Bad Jim.

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