Sep. 10th, 2007

aerdran: (Dante's Hell)
I'm a couple or so days behind on this news, due to nursing a cold and sore throat, but I have to put it up for those of you who are wanting news on the Jena 6.

Mychal Bell went before a judge recently, who agreed that the entire case was mishandled. He stated that Mychal never should've been tried in adult court, and he took off the conspiracy conviction. This takes the possible sentence to 15 years instead of 22 (still not acceptable, but a start). It's one step toward getting Mychal real justice, so let's hope there are further ones. His sentencing hearing is still September 20 so far as I see, and I soooooooooooooo wish I could be there for the protest. Ah well.

Oh, and two of the others had their charges reduced from attempted murder to aggravated assault as well, just like Mychal, so there's a step for them. But they all have competent legal council now, so hopes are rising for justice to be done. The more word gets out, and several college/university campuses have held protests and demonstrations, the better, so keep passing it on if you can. Tis of great importance, after all.

::hugs to all!::

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