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Why must people send me stupid things? I got this in my e-mail from Ed, who is not the first who sent it to me. It's by Andy Rooney, who I have decided annoys me.

Lead on to Intolerance )

Why the hell do people send me this shit? Ed knows my opinion on a lot of these thinge, yet he forwards it to me, along with others. He was all proud of himself when we saw him today about sending this on, and I just got around to reading it. Grr. I replied to him, and I wish I had saved that so I could post that here, too. Oh well. I'm sure he'll probably respond. Some of this I don't have as much an issue with as other parts, but the parts I do feel really strongly against piss me off.

I guess we'll see if he responds and how. For whatever reason, he's usually not as belligerent with me when I disagree with him, so we'll see if it carries over to this. If nothing else, I'm sure Mikel would agree to debate with him on a lot of the things, and Ed never stands a chance there. Ed tends to bluster a lot around him, and maybe Charlie will get involved as well.


Must do things.

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