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There is not much cuter than a two year old learning her alphabet. I sang the alphabet song to her and now (yes, she's still awake) she's sitting on my lap singig "A, B, D, now I, D, B, A, one, two, pee, por, five, ten......" She is so funny! She actually can count to ten easily enough, but I guess it's cooler to confuse them all whilst mixing them in with the ABCs.

She's always using numbers to spell things. She'll have a pen and make marks on a piece of paper and go "One, two, pee, por, MAMA!" and circle it. It's just the cutest damn thing. I could listen to this 24 hours a day. She's clapping for herself now and going "Yay!"

Such cuteness should be illegal!

Edit: Okay, there's one thing that's at least as cute as that. It's a two year old who listens to "Little Bunny Foo Foo" and then tries to do it herself after. Gods, I'm in tears here.


Oct. 22nd, 2004 08:07 am
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Mornings are so hard sometimes, you know? Here is it, a little after eight in the morning, and I seriously want to go back to bed. That's not a new thing, of course. As soon as I get Jason to the bus stop (he doesn't like to go alone), I am going back to bed and sleeping for as long as my body wants. Yup, I'm feeling lazy.

I'm also feeling sore. Miserably sore. My upper legs up through my waist are hurting like hell. My muscles are protesting this whole thing, and my bad hip is really beginning to bother me even more. I hurt at least somewhat pretty much constantly, but worse so when I get up and walk around. Yesterday I got way more walking in than I wanted, and my body is letting me know that it's not happy with me.

On the bright side, we have the crib now, and it's all set up in the room. The Care Bear bedding is on it and it looks so cute! I have decided that drawers are a pain in the ass to put together, regardless of brand. There wasn't much trouble with the crib itself, but the drawer that goes under it was annoying as hell. It's done now, though! There just needs to be a baby in the crib and, as Jason said last night, it will all be complete. Nah, he's not excited.

I felt bad the other day, though. It finally hit Jason that I'm going to be gone for at least a day, and that really didn't set well with him. He's so clingy with me. He started to cry when he found out. Sadly, I'm going to be gone probably for at least two days since that's how it usually is with me, and since I'm having a tubal ligation, that will likely add to the time. I couldn't bear to tell him that, though. Hopefully he'll handle it better than it looks. He'll at least have lots of people here to keep him company.

Now I must go and get ready to take Jason off to the bus stop. He is, at the moment, getting ready to kill a spider to save me, because he doesn't want it coming over and biting me. He's so cute! My hero.

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