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Wow, it's hard to believe that it's only four days until Christmas. What a cool thing! I need to finish some Christmas shopping, but that's hopefully happening tonight. Luckily, we've gotten the bulk of it done already, which is a nice change. Usually we're caught in the Christmas Eve rush, wondering if we'll be able to manage everything. No such worries this time! It's a good feeling, it is.

To catch up on other things that have been going on, I went to the police station yesterday for some talk. Yes, I figured I'd do it in person instead of calling. It's so much harder to be put on hold that way, after all. John didn't like the idea of me going there, or even talking to them, but I won't be interfered with when it comes to some things. I had my say, which makes me happy. And got an apology out of the deal, because he knew they were out of line about it. After all, they don't follow up on all tips, and this one obviously wasn't all that solid.

Hopefully we won't run into this kind of trouble again. It just annoys the hell out of me that people are suspects simply because of their race. This has to change someday, and I wish that it would happen soon. It was cathartic to rant, though. I enjoy not letting people get a word in edgewise when I'm doing that, because it's quite satisfying to know that I can shut them up and make them look sheepish. And he did, too. I'm not going to just sit still and let people harass my kids, and I made a big point of that with him. I also warned him that we have a number of guests of which Mankin won't approve, and that with his becoming more and more of an annoyance, they may end up with conplaints, tips, etc. from the man. We'll see what happens there. I'm still considering talking to Mankin and giving him a piece of my mind, so we'll see there, too. Susan is keeping an eye on the place since she took in some of the group of people that came up, and so that could be interesting. She's going to call if something starts so I don't miss it. He won't like having to deal with some of these people, I can guarantee that. They're very cool, after all.

I guess that's it. Hopefully I'll get to go shopping soon. I'm sure Becky would love to keep an eye on the baby when we go. She did go sooooo long without her, after all. Poor Becky was deprived. I'm sure she agrees.
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He was found last night. He was in an unused building. The police found him, not us. And just like I feared, he freaked the moment one of them touched him. He'd been sleeping because he's sick. His leg got injured in the fight I mentioned earlier; it was cut pretty badly and quite infected. I guess they thought since he was out of it like that, it would be safer. It wasn't. Because he jumped and attacked before he even knew what was going on. That led to him getting shot. It doesn't even seem real as I write this, and I keep hoping that it's some bad TV show that I saw. But it's not.

He's not dead. He went into surgery immediately after getting to the hospital, and he's now in critical condition. Between that and his injury/infection and the fact he's had nothing to eat and little to drink in the past while are all working against him. The police visited me not long after he got to the hospital to tell me. They seemed genuinely sorry for what had happened, so there's no way I can hold any resentment there. They've worked with us on all of this and not against us, so they're not to blame at all. It's just bad circumstances. I was allowed to see him, even though technically we're not related. He looks so young right now. He'll be 18 on July 3rd, but he doesn't look like it. His birthday is so close and his life in in jeopardy. He might not even live to see his birthday. And I had such plans to celebrate it. He didn't respond when I touched him or spoke to him, not at all. Not that it was unexpected because he's under very heavy sedation so he won't wake up to being touched and poked and prodded, if he can even wake up at all.

To top it all off, it's Mikel's birthday today. We had a party planned, but circumstances make it so it's best to put it off. He doesn't mind that at all, of course. But what a shitty thing to happen now. He's one of the few that Cult actually seemed to admire at all. Hell, when Mikel had to hold him back from hitting John, Cult didn't freak about being touched, although that might have been because of what was going on and how focused he was. I don't know. But Mikel's quite upset, along with the rest of us. I'm lucky I can type at all.

We got home a couple hours ago from the hospital. I was awake all night, and even though I'm tired as hell, I can't sleep. I tried for a short while, but gave up. It's so subdued around here. Cult's dog Frenzy seems to sense that something's up because he's very quiet and lying down at my feet. The kids are being really quiet overall as well. It's almost like death here. I know that's a bad spin to put on it, but it feels like it. But he can't die. I couldn't handle it. It would be so much like having one of my kids die. He is one of my kids in my mind. I can't lose him. I'll be going back later to see him, but I have limited time with him. There's a policeman posted at his door, too. So there's a big beacon pointing there saying "dangerous criminal." Oddly, the policeman that's on duty there at the moment seems to have this attitude when people look that way that says they'd better not say a thing about it. Maybe all of the talking I've done and the pleading that they be careful with him has influenced things. Maybe. I don't know. I just know I want him to be okay, and the outlook isn't good. And if he does get better, and wakes up to see where he is, what will he do? They can't keep him that sedated forever, and after the hospital, he'll likely have to either go to jail or to a psychiatric unit. Either will get to him badly. If only we could get those charges dealt with, that would help immensely. They police said they couldn't really justify bringing charges against him for attacking when he was touched because he was obviously too ill to realize what was going on. He didn't do too much harm, anyway. Our police department has been so good at working with us, but the other city seems to have it set in their minds to be hardass. Evan and Randy are going to go there tonight to start working on things there, and they're taking a friend who's a police officer. They're going to do what they can, because we want to get this straightened out as soon as possible. I mean, the charges against Cult are apparently an assault he supposedly committed in the last few months. While he was here. He didn't leave for any length of time, let alone long enough to go a thousand miles away or however far it is. Susan has an attorney who's going to be there too, so we'll see what happens.

Right now, I'm just concentrating on him getting better. I have to visit him as much as they'll let me and try to get through to him so he knows I'm there and that I love him. I don't know what else to do. I'm so scared right now, and trying to be optimistic. It's hard, it really is. Cult's best friend is here now, and there's no way they'll let him go visit. He wants to in the worst way, but it's not happening. I feel bad for him, because he's almost desperate with that need, although he'd never admit it. It's not hard to tell, though. He can't even sit still. The other two that came with him to look for Cult aren't much better, either. I should go and deal with that and make sure everyone gets fed, too. Most haven't felt like eating, but they should. And I need to keep busy at the moment.

Thanks for listening, and for all the good thoughts and vibes and all that anyone's given. Send more if you can, please. The more, the better. Oh, and if someone IMs me on any of the messenger services, it might or might not be me. But someone will be here when it's on, unless something's going on. We're leaving the thing on a good part of the time, so you'll probably see it on at least some. Thanks again.

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