Sep. 17th, 2004 04:45 pm
aerdran: (Default)
It's not a fun way to find out that you have both a male and a female guinea pig by looking into the cage and seeing dead babies, it really isn't. I got to do that a few minutes ago, and now I'm feeling rather sick to my stomach.

Allyn came out of her room a little while ago to tell me that something weird and wet was in one of their igloos. I got a sinking feeling right then, and that was confirmed when I went in there. I don't know why they didn't live, but four dead little babies were lying in there. Maybe she just didn't know how to take care of them, I don't know. They weren't cleaned off or anything, so they might well have suffocated. Poor Skittles was just sitting there looking out of it and not very happy at all. We had to clean out the cage, which was quite the chore since the dad, Double Dip, was really agitated and catching him wasn't easy. When I picked up Skittles, she just rested against my chest quietly, poor thing.

So we left them alone and will check on them periodically. Hopefully we won't find anymore little surprises in there, and hopefully Skittles will be all right. Jason got pretty upset, and is worried that she'll die. Sigh.

So yeah. Bleh.

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