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Let me start out by saying that I love this guy. I love him a lot. He's just one of those people that you can't help but feel this way about, if you have any taste whatsoever.

John's had it rough, rougher than most, throughout his life. He got some really raw deals in there in several ways, but he still keeps plugging away. I know how hard this kind of thing can be, but it doesn't stop him from going on. There are times I wish I was right there with him to give him all the hugs and cuddles he needs. The thing is, I know that he feels the same way when he sees other people down. If someone is having difficulties, he's right there trying to make them smile and feel better. I'm willing to bet that one of his hugs could do this easily. He is definitely on my list of people to meet in person, for we must not only hug, we must game as well. I very much would love to roleplay with him. We can trade older sister stories, too, for we both have such a bane in our lives. May Caroline and Gloria never meet, for while they might kill each other, they also have a chance of liking each other and doubling the misery for all involved. Caroline needs an Evan in her life, for my dear big brother would gladly verbally rip her apart and send her off with her tail between her legs. So would I, in fact. I'm just not as good at it as he is. Perhaps Kristen and I can gang up on her!

Everyone should have the Incarna of Silliness in their lives, that's for sure. A good dose of Myth makes for a bright ray of sunshine.
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For the great and mighty Incarna of Silliness!!

I want to really hug John.

John is a great person who I shall someday meet.

If I were alone in a room with John, I would snuggle him as we
played rpgs.

I think John should have every chance in the world to be happy.

John needs to be completely healthy.

I want to meet John.

Someday John will realize just how great he is.

John reminds me of a hyper little puppy when he's being all silly.

Without John, there would be less silliness in the world and I would be sad.

John can be really fun to talk to.

The worst thing about John is that I haven't gotten to meet him in person yet.

The best thing about John is that he's good at making me smile and he cares very deeply about people.

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