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Yes, the hunt begins........

Even though he didn't ask to read it, and I knew he wouldn't, how could I possibly leave out Mikel on this little meme thing? It just wouldn't be right. Of course, I don't have enough room to write everything about him that's cool, so I'll hit the high spots.

Mikel has been my strength for a few years now. He's so much more than my best friend, and he keeps me sane. I can't possibly go into everything he's done for me, but suffice it to say that he's saved my life, both literally and figuratively. It's kind of amazing how you go for years and years without knowing someone, but once you meet that person, you can't imagine life without them. That's how it is with Mikel. I could very easily have lost him this past summer when he got an infection that left him fighting for his life, and it was at that point that I realized just how devastating his loss would be to me. I'm glad beyond words that he's as strong as he is and was able to fight back the ol' Grim Reaper to stay with us.

Strength is, I would say, the cornerstone of Mikel's being. He's amazingly strong in every possible way, and he lends that strength to others when they need it. He really never ceases to amaze me, I'll say that. He's just one of those people that is so much himself and so unafraid of being that way, and if people don't like it, tough shit. He doesn't put on any false pretenses, and accepts himself for who he is, faults and all. He's just very comfortable in his own skin. I wish more people could be that way. The rest of society seems so concerned with outward appearances that you never know where you stand with them. It's not that way with Mikel. He lets you know.

Another really important thing with Mikel is his sense of humour. Like me, he's sarcastic and quick-witted, and I've never seen him speechless, and I've watched him turn idiots who might try to best him into little puddles of goo. It's an amazing talent, I'll say that. Hmm. I've noticed that I've used the word amazing a lot with this. Fitting, though.

Mikel is a risk taker who has no doubt in his mind that he'll make it through whatever gets thrown at him. Some people might call him foolhardy, but he's just so confident in himself that he can't possibly envision himself failing. He's had a hell of a lot of close calls in his life, but he still doesn't let that stop him. Fear is an emotion that is totally unknown to him. He scares me sometimes with the things he does, but I wouldn't try to stop him for all the world. It's like trying to stop a comet in its path; it simply wouldn't work. Even if it did work, the whole idea of trying to stifle him is just wrong.

I guess I could go on and on about him, but he does know how I feel. Mere words cannot express the depth of my feelings for him, but I had to at least try to give an idea. I'd highly recommend adding him to your friends lists if you haven't already, because he's most definitely worth knowing.
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I'm sitting here sorting clothes. Baby clothes, to be exact. Yes, I'm up at almost three am doing this. I'm waiting for Mikel to come back from taking what has turned out to be a long walk (although hopefully there's been quite a bit of rest in there for the walk) in thirty some degree weather, so I figured I might as well be productive. Add to that the fact that I really have a hard time falling asleep lately and it all is very logical.

Anyway, we got these clothes from one of John's firefighters. She had a baby during the summer, and we got a good deal of clothes from her today that her baby has outgrown. We've also gotten quite a few larger things that her baby hasn't grown into yet, but that she gave us because they simply have no room. Apparently, her parents are rich and therefore they have a huge amount of clothes to spare. If this is any indication, I can't imagine how many they have now. We got oodles. I'm really impressed with this, especially since these clothes are really good quality stuff. There's no cheap thrift store thing in the bunch. Madison will be well outfitted for some time to come. And of course, I won't be able to resist buying her some other clothes when the urge hits me, for I do like to pick out some of the things. She'll also likely be wearing some of the bigger ones earlier than most babies, since she's going to be big. I will then have to pass on these cute little things to someone else who might need them. Yes, many women go gaga over something so simple as baby clothes (you understand, right Heather?). But they're so damn cute!

So yeah. Right now I'm sorting them into size categories so I can be better organized with them. I'm going to be writing a very nice thank you note to the firefighter, I can say that. This was very nice of her. She also gave us a bouncy chair that is almost completely unused, so that's cool. We also got a very nice hand knitted blanket from one of the firefighters that was knitted by his wife. The thing is absolutely gorgeous and very soft. This child is spoiled right from the start. She'll certainly be one of the best dressed babies around. I can't wait to see her in some of them!

We also apparently have a few more things coming from some of the firefighters, which is really cool. They're great people. There will be much gratitude coming from me for all of this. Hell, I feel spoiled myself. I should bake something for them when I can, really. They certainly deserve it.
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Update time again. See how dependable I am?

To start with and just to warn y'all, Becky won't be on for a week at all. She's gone to her great grandmother's again to help out since Nana is not supposed to be alone, day or night. They're looking for an assisted living place for her, which is just going to break her heart since she'll have to sell the house she's had for many years. It's really sad. I hate to see it, but she falls all the time and can't get by on her own. Hopefully they'll find her a place in the next week or find someone else to stay with her because Becky will not be able to due to school starting for her. This could be that final straw for Nana, which makes me sad. She's a great lady and I hate to see her having such troubles.

On the Mikel front, well, he's Mikel. Apparently, before I got there he decided that he was going to get up and walk, doctor's orders be damned. He's going a bit stir crazy being stuck in bed all the time. It doesn't help that he's naturally hyper, er, energetic. He did manage a few steps before they stopped him, which prevented him from falling since he was not very steady on his feet and he was pretty short of breath. I expect many more incidents like this from now on. I'm sure that the nurses, doctors, orderlies, etc. are so looking forward to it. But there's no way in hell he's going to tolerate being strapped down, so they don't have that option. He can be very convincing about some things. I'm just hoping he doesn't push too hard and screw things up enough that he'll be stuck there longer than he would otherwise.

He did talk to the doctor about being out of there before Monday. Apparently, the doctor started to laugh until he saw that Mikel was serious. He strongly recommended against it, but I guess it's kind of like hitting your head against that proverbial brick wall. When he talked to Mikel's dad (his mom is now back home doing the court thing so there was no big scene. This time), he told him that if there was some way he, or someone, could talk Mikel out of this goal, it would be best. That was apparently Isaac's turn to laugh. I think the doctor got the point with that. He then gave recommmendations for what Mikel's supposed to do, eat, etc. when he's out. We'll see how far that goes.

So hopefully Mikel will do more recovering in the next week than is apparent from his current progress. It will be so much easier then. However, if not, I'm going to do my damndest to make sure that he does what he's supposed to do, even if I have to resort to nefarious and devious things. It's definitely going to be interesting, I'll say that. At least I have big strong men here to help me if he decides to get determined to walk around too much. I'm sure they'll be happy to do it. I'm also sure that Mike is glad he's not here a good part of the day due to school, now that I've said that. Hmm. Come to think of it, most of the guys won't be here for a few hours during the day. I hope Bait's up to this. At least Mikel won't be at full strength? Poor Bait. Maybe I can convince Cult to help. He could probably manage it better. He does like Mikel, after all.

Life with Mikel. Always an adventure.
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Here it is, the day after Christmas, and I'm still tired from everything yesterday. I think it's going to take another day or two to recover. But hey, it was a great Christmas, so I'm not complaining. It made me realize how lucky I am.

I don't think the house has ever been as full as it was yesterday. Jesse's parents and sister made a surprise appearance, which was cool, and Cheyenne's dad showed up Christmas Eve and will be leaving after the first of the year. I'd never met him before, and I'm glad I did. He's a super guy, and seems so damn sweet. He made sure to bring a few things for the whole group, so he certainly endeared himself to many hearts.

Randy and Peter's parents were here as well, which was expected, and Laura's mother and stepdad as well as the siblings on that side showed for a few hours. So there were lots of families at least somewhat reunited for the day. It was really neat. And of course, my mom was here as well. It hadn't snowed or anything, so she was able to drive over.

Mikel did get Cult the laptop, and we've been working on teaching him how to use it. I talked to him for a little while about how he can write whatever he wants on there and that it might make him feel a little better to write some things out. He's unsure, but said he'd think about it. I got him a couple more PS2 and computer games as well as some clothes that he really needed. Black, of course. I don't think I've ever seen him wear anything else, except for blue jeans. He got a bunch of other stuff as well, which he seemed somewhat overwhelmed about, even though it's happened before. It's so hard for him to comprehend all of this. He actually ate quite a bit though, which is a good sign. He's only been pecking at his food lately. I really wanted to see him eat a nice big meal. I also passed on the Christmas greetings from those on here who sent them, and he stared at me a bit before shaking his head and muttering something about telling you thanks. He's still bewildered about it, but I think he's starting to get slightly curious about the people he doesn't know who wish him well.

Let's see. I'd write out everything I got, but it would take far too much room on here and too much time. I will pass on some, though.

1. Bunches of snowmen. Lots and lots. Woo! This includes figures, a cool serving set from my mom, stuffed ones from John and Jason, etc.
2. Bunches of wolf things (figured, pictures, etc.) from my extended family. I need a new house just to store all of my wolf stuff.
3. The Mage Tarot Deck
4. Stuffed penguin
5. Book on Celtic Mythology
6. 128 MB Jump Drive
7. Ruben Studdard CD
8. Sweater with a snowman and a penguin. Double cool!
9. Sweatshirt with a cool picture of a galleon on it.
10. Snowglobe with a rotating top so you can have the actual snowman globe on top or a penguin lying down.
11. Quite a few other pieces of clothing.
12. Langston Hughes Collected Poems
13. Candles
14. More books

Hmm. That was fun. I just leaned forward in my computer chair to push back a snowman near the edge on my desktop, and it slid out from under me. Ow. My hip now hurts. I think that's a sign to stop the list. Maybe I'll add to it later.

Oh, I do want to mention that Bree was thrilled with her present from Vernon, which Mikel helped him pick out. Ahem. He got her a lavendar sweatshirt with a kitten on it that said "Just Call Me Muffin." ::snickers:: Vernon insisted she wear it because he got it for her. The look on her face was precious. She shot Mikel the dirtiest look, but put the sweatshirt on. I think it's only fair, considering what she got Mikel. Mwa!

I think that's all for now. I think I need to lie down in a bit. Dumb chair.
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Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

It's been a long day, but a good one. We went out to finish Christmas shopping, and are now in the process of wrapping and also waiting for the kids to go to bed so we can work on stockings and the like. I'm getting antsy for tomorrow! My mom will be here adding to the huge mix of people, and I just love having all these people here. I have so many things to open that I might be doing so until next Christmas. And I can't wait to see how people like what I've gotten for them. It's always so cool to see how much they enjoy things.

Mikel's actually resting at the moment, though I don't know for how long. He exhausted himself today and since he didn't sleep well last night, as well as several nights before it, he pretty much fell asleep on the couch as soon as we got back. Vernon went over and curled up with him and it's so cute. I really hope his infection goes away and he gets to feel better for Christmas. He's too stubborn for his own good, after all, and he really should be in the hospital. Infected burns are very dangerous. Hell, he's having a hard time with his whole right arm. Vernon leaned against it earlier today and I saw Mikel bite down on his tongue to keep from making any noise to show that it hurt. Stubborn stubborn stubborn. Worry worry worry. Maybe he'll be more inclined to go to the hospital after Christmas if he still has problems. He really doesn't want to miss any of this.

As for Cult, I think he kind of dreads Christmas, at least up until he sees that the day will go well. He didn't have the best time at Christmas before he ran away, and well, until he came here, he didn't do much to celebrate it. At least we don't horribly emphasize the religion of the day, because that would really back him off. It's now become one of those days when he really sees how much we all care about him, so maybe he even is kind of starting to look forward to it. I hope so. I really want him to be happy. That's my biggest Christmas wish. I'd love to see him genuinely smile. Someday, I hope.

Anyway, I really should get back to dealing with presents and stuff. I can at least wrap things, so I don't feel totally useless. I'm trying to keep from going to sleep too early too, because I want to do the stocking thing. I'd hate missing that just because I wear out easily. We'll see how it goes.

I hope you all have a great Christmas, I'll be thinking about you. Take care and I love you all!
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He was found last night. He was in an unused building. The police found him, not us. And just like I feared, he freaked the moment one of them touched him. He'd been sleeping because he's sick. His leg got injured in the fight I mentioned earlier; it was cut pretty badly and quite infected. I guess they thought since he was out of it like that, it would be safer. It wasn't. Because he jumped and attacked before he even knew what was going on. That led to him getting shot. It doesn't even seem real as I write this, and I keep hoping that it's some bad TV show that I saw. But it's not.

He's not dead. He went into surgery immediately after getting to the hospital, and he's now in critical condition. Between that and his injury/infection and the fact he's had nothing to eat and little to drink in the past while are all working against him. The police visited me not long after he got to the hospital to tell me. They seemed genuinely sorry for what had happened, so there's no way I can hold any resentment there. They've worked with us on all of this and not against us, so they're not to blame at all. It's just bad circumstances. I was allowed to see him, even though technically we're not related. He looks so young right now. He'll be 18 on July 3rd, but he doesn't look like it. His birthday is so close and his life in in jeopardy. He might not even live to see his birthday. And I had such plans to celebrate it. He didn't respond when I touched him or spoke to him, not at all. Not that it was unexpected because he's under very heavy sedation so he won't wake up to being touched and poked and prodded, if he can even wake up at all.

To top it all off, it's Mikel's birthday today. We had a party planned, but circumstances make it so it's best to put it off. He doesn't mind that at all, of course. But what a shitty thing to happen now. He's one of the few that Cult actually seemed to admire at all. Hell, when Mikel had to hold him back from hitting John, Cult didn't freak about being touched, although that might have been because of what was going on and how focused he was. I don't know. But Mikel's quite upset, along with the rest of us. I'm lucky I can type at all.

We got home a couple hours ago from the hospital. I was awake all night, and even though I'm tired as hell, I can't sleep. I tried for a short while, but gave up. It's so subdued around here. Cult's dog Frenzy seems to sense that something's up because he's very quiet and lying down at my feet. The kids are being really quiet overall as well. It's almost like death here. I know that's a bad spin to put on it, but it feels like it. But he can't die. I couldn't handle it. It would be so much like having one of my kids die. He is one of my kids in my mind. I can't lose him. I'll be going back later to see him, but I have limited time with him. There's a policeman posted at his door, too. So there's a big beacon pointing there saying "dangerous criminal." Oddly, the policeman that's on duty there at the moment seems to have this attitude when people look that way that says they'd better not say a thing about it. Maybe all of the talking I've done and the pleading that they be careful with him has influenced things. Maybe. I don't know. I just know I want him to be okay, and the outlook isn't good. And if he does get better, and wakes up to see where he is, what will he do? They can't keep him that sedated forever, and after the hospital, he'll likely have to either go to jail or to a psychiatric unit. Either will get to him badly. If only we could get those charges dealt with, that would help immensely. They police said they couldn't really justify bringing charges against him for attacking when he was touched because he was obviously too ill to realize what was going on. He didn't do too much harm, anyway. Our police department has been so good at working with us, but the other city seems to have it set in their minds to be hardass. Evan and Randy are going to go there tonight to start working on things there, and they're taking a friend who's a police officer. They're going to do what they can, because we want to get this straightened out as soon as possible. I mean, the charges against Cult are apparently an assault he supposedly committed in the last few months. While he was here. He didn't leave for any length of time, let alone long enough to go a thousand miles away or however far it is. Susan has an attorney who's going to be there too, so we'll see what happens.

Right now, I'm just concentrating on him getting better. I have to visit him as much as they'll let me and try to get through to him so he knows I'm there and that I love him. I don't know what else to do. I'm so scared right now, and trying to be optimistic. It's hard, it really is. Cult's best friend is here now, and there's no way they'll let him go visit. He wants to in the worst way, but it's not happening. I feel bad for him, because he's almost desperate with that need, although he'd never admit it. It's not hard to tell, though. He can't even sit still. The other two that came with him to look for Cult aren't much better, either. I should go and deal with that and make sure everyone gets fed, too. Most haven't felt like eating, but they should. And I need to keep busy at the moment.

Thanks for listening, and for all the good thoughts and vibes and all that anyone's given. Send more if you can, please. The more, the better. Oh, and if someone IMs me on any of the messenger services, it might or might not be me. But someone will be here when it's on, unless something's going on. We're leaving the thing on a good part of the time, so you'll probably see it on at least some. Thanks again.

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