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There is not much cuter than a two year old learning her alphabet. I sang the alphabet song to her and now (yes, she's still awake) she's sitting on my lap singig "A, B, D, now I, D, B, A, one, two, pee, por, five, ten......" She is so funny! She actually can count to ten easily enough, but I guess it's cooler to confuse them all whilst mixing them in with the ABCs.

She's always using numbers to spell things. She'll have a pen and make marks on a piece of paper and go "One, two, pee, por, MAMA!" and circle it. It's just the cutest damn thing. I could listen to this 24 hours a day. She's clapping for herself now and going "Yay!"

Such cuteness should be illegal!

Edit: Okay, there's one thing that's at least as cute as that. It's a two year old who listens to "Little Bunny Foo Foo" and then tries to do it herself after. Gods, I'm in tears here.
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Cute is Madison seeing a picture of little Teagan on the computer and starting to yell "Keagan!" over and over again, and then start to blow her kisses over and over. Furthermore, it is Madison getting upset whenever the picture of Teagan is not showing.
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Will it never end?

Madison is now singing "Go!" along with the Cruxshadows song Live Love Be Believe. Yes. She clutches her hands together, stretches them above her head and belts out "GO!"

Jim Jim Jim.
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Since I've finished all I need to do and now I'm just sitting here worrying about Mikel, Madison ensconced firmly on my lap with Becky's iPod and headphones, I figured I might as well make a bit of a post, if only to show off the cool icon of the Denny adults that Becky made me. Neat, huh? She's cool to do it.

Not much going on here at the moment, although Madison got to see a bunny through the window earlier. It was out eating our grass. I was busy doing the dishes, so missed it. I'm sure it will be back, though. It was out there yesterday too, apparently.

I guess I really don't have anything of substance to say. I'm rambling. Maybe I'll play around with PSP or something. I don't know. I'm trying to distract my mind and it's not working very well. Sorry for inflicting you all with a nothing post.

Oh, Jim, before I sign off, I must mention that your corruption runs deep. The music Madison is listening to on the iPod? :Wumpscut: Embryodead. Bad Jim.


Mar. 19th, 2006 09:23 pm
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You may all once again gaze in awe at the spectacularness of Madison. Or something. You know.

Cut for Kindness )
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Here are a few of the pictures I got of Madison on her party day. We went to Wonderland and she had a great time running around. I love how cute she looks in that little dress!

Birthday Girl )
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I now inundate you all with more pictures. I'm sure you appreciate this!

Beware! )
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I just got through cleaning off the evil baby Madison, who has lately been training to become a stripper. She enjoys removing her pants and diaper, and today decided to do it while said diaper was loaded. Can you say Ew? So I had to clean the little darlin' off, and she seemed rather proud of herself. She's still looking rather pleased with herself as she sits here on my lap. She has been strictly lectured about her stripping tendencies, and seems ever so contrite, if contriteness equals bursting into giggles. Methinks Survivor needs to come visit and give one of his little lectres (hint hint).

Other than that, it's been a rather uneventful day. Hacker is still really sick, so much of my time is taken up making sure he feels loved, the poor thing. Males and illness, I swear. Well, I should say most males. I know a few who prefer to deny illness and argue with anyone who tries to take care of them. I, however, am a sucker for the puppy dogs eyes that many males seem to have perfected in getting themselves taken care of.

I do want to again thank James and Kelly for my birthday present. They got me a paid LJ accound, which I love, and now I must make sure to take great advantage. I'm going to get icons of my kids up, meaning Tackle has to send me a good one to use. The ones I have just don't work very well for cutting down and using. I still have ones of Tackle's and Spark's kids that I can use as well, and having a whole year to switch back and forth is very nice. James and Kelly do totally rock.

Well, it looks like it's Madison time again. She's starting to get tired and could use a nap since she hasn't slept much today. We shall see if she continues to fight sleep like she tends to do. I guess she just doesn't want to miss anything.
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I am here to announce something of the most cool variety. I hope you're all ready.

::waits for them to be ready::

Okay then!

Madison... said her first word! Yes yes! She did! It wasn't "mama" or "dada" or "no" or anything like that. Nope. She looked right at our cat Lucifer and said....


Yes. Her first word is kitty! ::grins:: She even said it twice more while looking at cats, so it wasn't just a fluke. Believe me, I was surprised. It was soooo cute. But then, it shouldn't be such a huge surprise. She's been fascinated with the cats forever. I definitely was not expecting her to say her first word so soon. It's so cute. I must write this down before I forget. Like I would.
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Yes, folks, it's baby picture time! I took these this morning for I could not resist her fat-legged cuteness. Note the rotundness of her thighs.

On to Cuteness )
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Pictures to share yet again as Madison got ahold of my sunglasses and so I had to put them on her. Enjoy.

Cool Babiness )
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Ha! You must all see the newest pictures for this is the first time Madison has eaten cereal! You won't regret looking, I promise.

Beware of Ultimate Cuteness )
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Yup, here are more. She just looked so cute this morning that I couldn't resist. I know that none of you could possibly complain about seeing more, so I once more inundate you.

Onward )
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Okay, after some requests, I am back with more baby pictures! Yes, you can all see yet again the cuteness that is Madison. Bask!

Cuteness to Spare )
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I'm sure you all want to know this, so I have to brag. Mwa!

This morning, little Madison rolled over from her back to her front! Yes! At a little over two months old, even. She put a lot of effort into it. It's really amazing to watch just how much work is put into that by a baby. And rolling from back to front is supposed to be harder for them because of less developed arm and neck muscles. She hasn't done it the other way. She's backwards. Front to back can come as early as 2 to 3 months while back to front usually is around 5 to 6 months.

Anyway, milestone reached! Yes, I know most of you don't give a rip, but I do and I feel the need to brag. So there.

Oh, as a note, there is now a disclaimer at the bottom of that Pimp: the Backhanding site about how they're not advocating violence against women. It gives a website to go to. That's at least somethimg. People against the game have managed to actually make some progress. This is a good thing.
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Today was Madison's two month checkup at the doctor, meaning she got measured, weighed, and given shots. She handled the appointment well, going through all the measuring and stuff without a problem. The doctor, after looking at the results of it all, stated that she's at a point typical of a four month old.

At four months old, a baby is usually double his/her birth weight. Madison weighed in at exactly 14 pounds, which is one pound short of double her birth weight. She's at 24 1/2 inches long, which is also about that. The doctor said she's off the chart all the way, but she's consistent in her off the chartedness. So yeah, she's growing like a little weed. Or well, a not so little weed. There's no question she's getting enough to eat! Oh, and the doctor reiterated what she said last time. Madison is perfect. Well, I knew that! She's my kid, after all. ::grins::

The worst part was when she got her shots. Of course, that's always traumatic, regardless of how many times you watch your baby get vaccinated. Poor little thing got two shots in each leg and screamed rather loudly as it happened. Believe me, it makes you want to cry when you watch your baby go through it, no matter how important getting shots is. She did stop crying fairly quickly, however. When I got home, she laid on the bed and giggled and cooed for awhile until she fell asleep.

Of course, now the poor baby is having pains on and off. She's sleeping in my lap now, but every once in awhile will whimper. When I brought her out here, she was screaming. This was the first of my three who's acted like she's felt the pain of the shots this much after coming home. Hopefully that will stop soon. I gave her some Tylenol and hopefully that will help. It's so hard to deal with!

So that was my exciting day. I figured I should get on and give the update about her appointment and all. Next appointment is at four months. We'll see where she weighs in at then!
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You knew it would happen, I'm sure! Christmas pictures of Madison. How could I resist?

Cuteness Incarnate )
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Yes, more pictures. You were all waiting, I know! But they're so cute, you won't be able to resist going "Awwwww!"

Awwwww! )
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Yup! I'm here to bother you again with pictures, though this'll be good enough for now. I think. ::grins:: Enjoy!

Christmas Angel )
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It's been too long since I've posted pictures, I'm sure you all agree. I put Madison in one of her cute little Christmas sleepers last night and just had to take pictures. I'm sure you'll all get to see more coming up, try not to get too sick of the cuteness.

Onward! )

A nice cute way to start your day off and hopefully make you smile.

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