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I just got through cleaning off the evil baby Madison, who has lately been training to become a stripper. She enjoys removing her pants and diaper, and today decided to do it while said diaper was loaded. Can you say Ew? So I had to clean the little darlin' off, and she seemed rather proud of herself. She's still looking rather pleased with herself as she sits here on my lap. She has been strictly lectured about her stripping tendencies, and seems ever so contrite, if contriteness equals bursting into giggles. Methinks Survivor needs to come visit and give one of his little lectres (hint hint).

Other than that, it's been a rather uneventful day. Hacker is still really sick, so much of my time is taken up making sure he feels loved, the poor thing. Males and illness, I swear. Well, I should say most males. I know a few who prefer to deny illness and argue with anyone who tries to take care of them. I, however, am a sucker for the puppy dogs eyes that many males seem to have perfected in getting themselves taken care of.

I do want to again thank James and Kelly for my birthday present. They got me a paid LJ accound, which I love, and now I must make sure to take great advantage. I'm going to get icons of my kids up, meaning Tackle has to send me a good one to use. The ones I have just don't work very well for cutting down and using. I still have ones of Tackle's and Spark's kids that I can use as well, and having a whole year to switch back and forth is very nice. James and Kelly do totally rock.

Well, it looks like it's Madison time again. She's starting to get tired and could use a nap since she hasn't slept much today. We shall see if she continues to fight sleep like she tends to do. I guess she just doesn't want to miss anything.

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