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I'm sitting here sorting clothes. Baby clothes, to be exact. Yes, I'm up at almost three am doing this. I'm waiting for Mikel to come back from taking what has turned out to be a long walk (although hopefully there's been quite a bit of rest in there for the walk) in thirty some degree weather, so I figured I might as well be productive. Add to that the fact that I really have a hard time falling asleep lately and it all is very logical.

Anyway, we got these clothes from one of John's firefighters. She had a baby during the summer, and we got a good deal of clothes from her today that her baby has outgrown. We've also gotten quite a few larger things that her baby hasn't grown into yet, but that she gave us because they simply have no room. Apparently, her parents are rich and therefore they have a huge amount of clothes to spare. If this is any indication, I can't imagine how many they have now. We got oodles. I'm really impressed with this, especially since these clothes are really good quality stuff. There's no cheap thrift store thing in the bunch. Madison will be well outfitted for some time to come. And of course, I won't be able to resist buying her some other clothes when the urge hits me, for I do like to pick out some of the things. She'll also likely be wearing some of the bigger ones earlier than most babies, since she's going to be big. I will then have to pass on these cute little things to someone else who might need them. Yes, many women go gaga over something so simple as baby clothes (you understand, right Heather?). But they're so damn cute!

So yeah. Right now I'm sorting them into size categories so I can be better organized with them. I'm going to be writing a very nice thank you note to the firefighter, I can say that. This was very nice of her. She also gave us a bouncy chair that is almost completely unused, so that's cool. We also got a very nice hand knitted blanket from one of the firefighters that was knitted by his wife. The thing is absolutely gorgeous and very soft. This child is spoiled right from the start. She'll certainly be one of the best dressed babies around. I can't wait to see her in some of them!

We also apparently have a few more things coming from some of the firefighters, which is really cool. They're great people. There will be much gratitude coming from me for all of this. Hell, I feel spoiled myself. I should bake something for them when I can, really. They certainly deserve it.

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