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Well! Today is definitely a banner day! I can see clearly, I don't have to squint to see the words on the monitor. I have such a cool mom. Soft contact lenses rule, especially compared to those evil gas permeables that I used to use. ::shudders:: And after we got my contact lenses she took us to lunch at Denny's, where I was brutally assaulted by a glass of root beer! Yes. It was cold on my lap. Jason thought it was funny, and my mom lost a few points with her laughter. Laughing at my cold misfortune was cruel. But I forgive her, for I can see. For the first time in years. Clearer vision has many many benefits. Woo.
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Well, it's been a pretty good day overall. Jason was home sick again, he had a fever this morning. Hopefully he'll be feeling better tomorrow. I've been playing Diablo II as well as roleplaying, so life is good. By the way, the assassin rocks in DII. Really cool. Although I think I still like the barbarian best.

I get to go get my eyes checked tomorrow, my mom has finally gotten tired of waiting for John to take me to do it. I'll get some contact lenses and finally be able to see well again. I get so many headaches trying to see the computer monitor, blackboard at school, etc. And to think, school is only 6 days away. It's been a nice break, though. Summer will be cooler. Three months is nice. ::grins::

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