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Tiiiiirrrrrred. PT sucks, you know? I just thought I'd point that out.

And joy of joys! I sprained my ankle yesterday. Not in a major way, but enough so rotating it at all hurts. At least it's not my bad ankle. Or well, the worst ankle. They're both bad. But it is the one that broke last July in the accident, so fun fun. Walking just gets more and more enjoyable, doesn't it? But someday I will be off the crutches and totally out of the wheelchair and life will be good. Until I sprain or break an ankle again. My ankles truly suck and have all of my life. Oh well, no biggie.

On day three of John being gone, things are peaceful. Peaceful is good. Although I got a message that he called at almost seven this morning when Mikel was online and he said we might see him on CNN, so to watch. ::scratches head:: We don't have cable. I don't see how we could watch it. Some people. But it is all good to me, because I can relax.

We're hopefully going to be playing Evan's D&D game online tonight. At the very least, we'd like to get it started so characters can be introduced and the like. It shall be fun, I'm sure. I get to play Rigel, so I'm happy. It's been awhile since I've been able to do that.

I now have Apocalypse, since the wonderful owner of our gaming shop saved out a copy for us. Again, without us asking, just like with Gehenna. He does rock. I must thank him profusely when I see him next since I'm not the one who picked it up. He is seriously cool. I will definitely be utilizing this book soon.

Well, tis time for me to end this as I need to try and call John again soon, meaning I have to disconnect briefly. Weird thing is, when I disconnect sometimes, it takes forever to actually disconnect. I mean, earlier when I tried calling him, I hit disconnect and I actually had to reset the computer for it to do it. This was after five minutes of waiting. Very weird.

So that's it, at least for now. Thanks to those who responded to Cult, by the way! Everytime you do so, it seems to make him a little more inclined to write more. So you are doing a very good thing and I really appreciate it.

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